Is it really that important to acknowledge the humanity of those who break the law, as well as those who are broken?   Yes. Yes, it is.   Listen in wh...View Details

Podcasters are an interesting bunch, especially those in the true crime world. I think we're often seen as cynical, sarcastic, potentially intrusive, ...View Details

Every once in a while, if you're very lucky, you'll form a friendship with someone who is smart and self-aware and vulnerable.And if you're not that l...View Details

Who gets to decide when you have a problem? Sometimes you know, and sometimes you're clueless. Sometimes you're aware, and sometimes you're in denial....View Details

What does it mean to waste something? You have to value it first, then discard it, I think. But who decides, and how?   This becomes less cerebral and...View Details

My dear friend and role model, Sharna, came on the show to show us how it should be done. Results include musings on credentials, clarifications on th...View Details

018a — You matter.

Some thoughts, after the apparent suicide of Kate Spade.   I can't do much, in a practial sense. But I can do this. Please listen.

Before I started this podcast, I would not have been able to guess that a relatively early episode would not just touch upon, but be based entirely up...View Details

Where is the line between hobby and craft... and obsession? I think most podcasts start out as little hobbies, and then they can grow, sometimes witho...View Details

Anxiety is what happens when your nerves give the finger to your sense of logic.   Somehow that felt profound to me, during the editing process. I don...View Details

Another crossover! Courtney used the first half of the conversation, so if you haven't already, go check out The Cult of Domesticity podcast. I'll wai...View Details

I know, I just released an episode, AND I have one planned for Tuesday, so once again it's feast or famine with me. Ah well.   This is what happens wh...View Details

She's baaaack...    Emily joined me again, this time to stay a bit less bizarre and discuss a mysterious double disappearance in the Panamanian rainfo...View Details

In my first episode, I was fortunate enough to share the story of a close friend, as well as that of another domestic violence survivor, in an effort ...View Details

How does a psychologist cope with a Really Bad Day? Well, apparently, today, I coped by tossing together another episode, with the inadvertant help of...View Details

And now we get down to it. This is what makes me happy: talking, occasionally inappropriately, about Mean People Doing Bad Things. Playing with the sp...View Details

Nothing is sacred -- not the simplicity of a Hallmark card or the complexity of someone's Lucky Shirt for his Favorite Team -- when two scholars are a...View Details

I've been meaning to ask my mom for a long time, why does she keep finding jobs that would depress the sheer hell out of me, or send me over the ever-...View Details

I really, really didn't think I would ever get this episode out to you all. Like, really. First of all, it's the result of a crossover with Billy &amp...View Details

How do we know when it's time to go to the ER?   Sometimes, we're bleeding heavily, or losing consciousness, or spiking a fever. Other times, it's har...View Details

Lots of people know that you're supposed to go to the ER when you're experiencing a mental health crisis, but how many really know what the process is...View Details

You know that thing where you try to make sense of a topic, and it simply refuses to click? I have that about certain corners of the internet, specifi...View Details

What does it mean to actually have schizophrenia? Not just, what might it mean or what does it look like, but what does it feel like?...are you sure y...View Details

Sometimes, you're in your home. The doors are locked. You're careful about who you let in... and yet tragedy finds you anyway. A huge and grateful sho...View Details

Jim and Kit, from the Forgotten News Podcast, were gracious enough to invite me to play along, despite my utter cluelessness in the matter of contribu...View Details

Who escapes, and how, when the prison walls are invisible, and no physical keys exist to unlock the doors?   Domestic violence is an uncomfortable, sc...View Details

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