I've covered anxiety a few times already. I really, really wish that was enough... but it's not. Because there are too damn many stories, and perspect...View Details

We've talked about substance abuse (specifically alcoholism) and sobriety more than once, here, and we're about to do so again. Kind of. But this time...View Details

There are a lot of ways you could approach things like, say, being a podcaster... being a professor... being an author... being human... But, at the h...View Details

Talk of rape, and rapists, and safety, and the horrific, unknown backlog of rape kits yet to be processed... it's not funny or light, but it's really ...View Details

When our babies are sick, we are terrified and alone and sad. We look to their caregivers to keep them safe. Most of the time, that's an excellent ide...View Details

There are certain professions that are uniquely qualified to provide flashbulb moments: absolute best days, and absolute worst ones.Some professions a...View Details

Are you part of my screwed-up tribe? Here's a quick test: If you knew you had a family connection to a serial killer, would you be thrilled or appalle...View Details

The whole podcasting thing is still a process of planning, researching, recording, editing, publishing... just like it was back at episode 23. But in ...View Details

How do you know the difference between a good guy and a bad guy? Are there even such things are good guys or bad guys... or good or bad?I settled in f...View Details

When people hear that I live in Salem, they immediately think of Halloween. And most of them don't seem to understand why that sits a little uneasy wi...View Details

When you're severely depressed (or dealing with certain forms of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or PTSD), life gets bleak. You can feel desperate for...View Details

062 - Some Sort of Normal

Pain. Anxiety. Sciatica. Psoriasis. Panic.Crappy things happen inside our bodies, and sometimes Western medicines aren't the answer. They don't work, ...View Details

What is it like to live in a body that has fundamentally betrayed you? Whether by acute illness or long-term crud, some people just break. How does th...View Details

STOP. Before you listen to this episode, go over to We Too podcast and listen to episode 3 (Dryer). That tells the backstory of what you're about to h...View Details

Change is hard. Podcasting when you're sick is also hard. Lucky for me, I've got Bonnie, from Writing About Crime, to talk me through it.Disclaimer: D...View Details

How do you define success?This could be a huge, rabbit-hole type question, but when joined by my friend Michelle, we're able to stay comparatively foc...View Details

As a parent, I often think that the worst thing that could ever happen would be the death of a child. Mine, or another, it almost doesn't matter. The ...View Details

The rules and laws aren't necessarily consistent from state to state. We know this. But neither are the ways we handle emergency health care, includin...View Details

Gamers. A violent, unpredictable, antisocial bunch... or not so much. Derek (from Sometimes Geek and Rolling Misadventures) joined me to talk about th...View Details

People are only locked away in psychiatric facilities for good reason... right? Right??Maybe not. I'm joined this time by Jenni and Shelby from Wives'...View Details

Podcasters are just one big, happy, cheerful, supportive family... right?Well... no. Mostly, but like any big family, there are always a few particula...View Details

So you've found yourself on death row. You're guilty, both factually so and legally convicted. You're just waiting on your date, and you'll be done. B...View Details

Well, lookit that. 100,000 downloads?? And at least some of those must be on purpose... right? Right. As I watched the downloads accumulate, I started...View Details

April 17, 1975 - October 20, 1992 A life ended. Uncountable others changed. This episode has murder, obsession, borderline personality disorder, a tru...View Details

Attention, class. Please be seated. Actually, I don't care whether you're sitting down, but please do prepare yourselves for my effort at cramming an ...View Details

There are certain things we don't talk about in polite society: Religion. Politics. Bodily functions. Alcoholism.Suicide. Let's ignore politeness and ...View Details

In case my efforts at staying on topic, kind of, on Episode 37 were just not your cup of tea, fear not! Emily joined me for a remix on the ADHD/anxiet...View Details

One bad night. One series of bad decisions. One wrong turn. And suddenly you're in prison, for decades. What's that like? What do you miss about the o...View Details

So you're in a cult... or are you? How do you know? When do you know it's time to get out, and how on earth do you do that, anyway? I don't have the a...View Details

What makes a murderer? Who would possibly sign up to fight for a different country in a war with no personal significance? Just how immature is your h...View Details

Some of the strongest, smartest, amazingest people I know are women with a history of addiction, two of whom I've never met in person, all of whom stu...View Details

"I don't want to seem pushy... but you're wrong."One might imagine that two female podcasters, one in the crime/psychology genre and the other a horro...View Details

Recently, I was joined by Jason Eric Ross, psychotherapist, actor and writer, to answer the age-old question:What happens when two psychologists come ...View Details

If you haven't already checked out our shared episode on Chris' excellent show, Killer Jobs, please head over there and listen to that, first. It's no...View Details

A quick-and-dirty sort of episode, to give you an update on the case that we talked about on Episode 32... Scott Reeder from Suspect Convictions calle...View Details

This episode is different for me, in several ways.   For one, it has not one, but two disclaimers. The first is done by Allyson from Dumb and Busted, ...View Details

How do you know the difference between fear and anxiety? ...between specific and generalized anxiety? ...between distractibility and ADHD? ...between ...View Details

Some tattoos have more meaning than others.   Don't believe this middle-aged soccer mom? Listen to Mark Bullen, who is about to release a book about R...View Details

AA is considered by many to be the ideal treatment approach for alcoholism, of all types, and really for substance abuse, in all forms.   If you've pu...View Details

There are facts all around us, all the time. Things that happened. Things that exist. Things that are missing.And then there are the stories we tell a...View Details

The first part of my conversation with Scott Reeder (Suspect Convictions) remains focused and topical. The second part tends to ...stray... a bit, but...View Details

What's the difference between obsession and determination? I think maybe it's research and journalism.    I got the chance to sit down with Scott Reed...View Details

Hard on the heels of an episode about stalking, I bring you... another episode about stalking.  


But never fear, this one taps into a very diff...View Details

Sometimes we laugh at the things that hurt the most. And sometimes we laugh at the impressive stupidity of the things that hurt the most.   Sometimes ...View Details

I was so lucky, recently, to be able to go on a two-week adventure around the British Isles with my husband and two older kids.   I was extra-lucky to...View Details

This is a hodgepodge of silliness, weirdness and outright giddiness, captured one morning midway through our family vacation. We talk about the ways j...View Details

Most of the time, we can rely on the people around us -- family, friends, coworkers -- to help remind us what "normal" mostly looks like. But what abo...View Details

I'm heading out on a family vacation, but first, a few things... 

What can you do when a faraway friend is struggling? What about when your kid defines Jesus for you? How about when you're not 100% certain that your ...View Details

Sometimes the most structured and predictable situations can suddenly go unpredictably off-script, in the very best ways. Laura and I started off this...View Details

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