After first being slightly traumatized by postage costs, sending out my pretty new stickers (plus a few extras here and there), and then being encouraged to do so, I opened a Patreon page, at


There are levels, and perks, and huge, steaming piles of shock and awe that anybody outside my house is listening, much less willing and able to contribute.


If Patreon isn't your scene, there's also PayPal -- one-time at or recurring...

Visitor : $1.00 USD - monthlyGuard : $5.00 USD - monthlyStaff : $10.00 USD - monthlyInmate : $20.00 USD - monthly


Also, I have merch! Holy crap!!


So, if you feel so inclined, have at it.


If not, no worries. You're listening, which is pretty fantastic all by itself. You could, I suppose, share the show with your friends, or maybe post a review here or here or maybe here. Or come play in the Facebook group.


But if you really, really want to partake of a sticker or two, or some of the extra content that will happen through Patreon, but you just can't afford it, drop me a note. I've been there, I get it.

And, over and over and over again... thank you.

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