What makes a murderer?

Who would possibly sign up to fight for a different country in a war with no personal significance?

Just how immature is your host, anyway?

These and more are addressed in a crossover involving three different countries, a 70-year-old murder and a botched (but maybe not so botched) execution in Canada. 

Bonnie's regular podcast is Wining About Crime, and Minna's is True Crime Finland. Do yourself a favor and go binge them. Now. Maybe twice.


Disclaimer by Jessica at the Asian Madness podcast. Promos by I Never Saw That and Southern Fried True Crime. Sponsored by Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off).


Further reading on this case, if so inclined. (Though, no. I did not include a link to the Awful Awful Website. No.)

Kallonen, K. (2016). Tähtilippu talvisodassa: Amerikan suomalaisen legioonan tuntematon tarina. Revontuli.

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