Anxiety is what happens when your nerves give the finger to your sense of logic.


Somehow that felt profound to me, during the editing process. I don't know. I spent more time with this episode -- living it, then overthinking it, then editing, blah blah -- than any previous one. I'm losing perspective.


But I know just how common, just how pervasive, just how absolutely miserable anxiety is, and in this episode, many of my friends, fellow podcasters and listeners chimed in to prove it. I opted not to share anyone's name, because somehow that sense of anonymity felt more profound, too. Feel free to identify yourself, if so inclined. I'm not opposed to it, I just wanted to be able to share everyone's story in the same way. (Except for the last guest. That's my husband. Isn't he a sweetheart?)


I was heading up to face my biggest, nastiest, snarliest, scariest fear -- the dentist, because while I do take it the extra mile, I couldn't be bothered to find a unique or uncommon phobia -- and I asked people to share their anxieties, too. And almost 20 people were brave and open enough to do so. Freaking badass.


So, settle in, and listen to what happens to create anxiety, what makes people anxious, and what we can maybe do (plus what we shouldn't bother doing) to make it better.




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Another crossover! Courtney used the first half of the conversation, so if you haven't already, go check out The Cult of Domesticity podcast. I'll wait here.


And if you're pressed for time, fine, this works as a standalone, too. (Though, srsly, you're missing out.)


We talk about the documentary "Titicut Follies" by Frederick Wisemen, which I won't link here just in case the YouTube link I found goes defunct or whatever. Toss me a note  if you have trouble finding it, though if you value your rage-control, you may want to skip it and feed off our outrage instead.


But then, we come up with a few thoughts that help us climb out of that pit of despair. So, there is that.


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I know, I just released an episode, AND I have one planned for Tuesday, so once again it's feast or famine with me. Ah well.


This is what happens when a bunch of podcasters say, "Yeah, we really SHOULD just get together and chat about nothing for a while." And then we do so before giving ourselves time to over-plan it (OK, or, to plan it at all). And then I slap an intro on it and call it good.


This will eventually be a Patreon perk type thing, but for the first one, here you go. Expect more of this just as soon as I can find people (these same ones or different ones) to hang out with me again...


Featured podcasters:

Courtney -- Cult of Domesticity

Jenna -- Meet Me in the Woods

Justin -- Obscura

Maxwell -- Relic


She's baaaack... 


Emily joined me again, this time to stay a bit less bizarre and discuss a mysterious double disappearance in the Panamanian rainforest. Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were Dutch women in their early 20s, starting an extended stay in Panama to study Spanish and do volunteer work. They left for what should have been a short walk in the woods, but never returned. 


It's a case that has captured Emily's attention, imagination, conspiracy-theory neurons, etc. So we chat about it, as well as the inevitable tangents such as how adding the word "cheese" to the end of any noun suddenly creates a really gross concept (don't bother practicing it, we demonstrate it during the episode... a lot) and the concept of really huge, scary squirrels. Emily also creates a lovely motivational quote, which will be up on my merch site soon.


We get goofy at times, but we know that this is a real-world case and involves real-world pain. Our hearts ache for the Froon and Kremers families, the host family, and the rest of those hurt by the girls' loss.


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For a better reporting of the known facts of the case, The Daily Beast has written a solid series, starting here


In my first episode, I was fortunate enough to share the story of a close friend, as well as that of another domestic violence survivor, in an effort to demonstrate why people might stay in a hurtful relationship and how lives can change based on one or two small decisions.


This time, I'm looking a bit more at the accumulation of experiences and culture and social expectations, and how those all build to create long-term, durable relationships that take belittlement and violence for granted. My guest in this episode has a long-term view and can describe the atmosphere better than I can, both at large and within the family... because she's my grandmother. My mother appears in Episode 8, and now you'll hear: my grandmother is pretty badass, too.


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How does a psychologist cope with a Really Bad Day?

Well, apparently, today, I coped by tossing together another episode, with the inadvertant help of my friend Jessa, from the Getting Off podcast. We talk about personality disorders and their legal implications, by way of the story of my fourth child's adoption, including a pit stop at the background and social skills of Pamela Smart... in short, stuff gets weird, but in a very empathic, girly, kickass sort of way.

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And now we get down to it. This is what makes me happy: talking, occasionally inappropriately, about Mean People Doing Bad Things. Playing with the specificities of diagnosis. Including slang and pop culture references into a conversation that otherwise could almost pass as official.

Thank you, again and several more times, to Lee from Murder was the Case, for giving me a chance to play. Hoping there is a next time, and the sooner the better.

Shout-outs to Gen Why and Reveal for their different approaches to the case; this episode is already more than long enough, so knowing that there are other podcasters that have more than adequately addressed some angles lets me slide over big chunks of the narrative without worrying that important things are being left unsaid.

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Scans of Holmes' journal can be viewed here: (turns out that, yes, the whole thing is online).

Extra props to Emily for putting together scarily accurate episode art this week, despite final projects and high school graduation plans and general adultiness (she turned 18 nine days ago, yikes!).

Remember that you can get stickers, a shout-out, eternal fabulosity, etc, if you attend IMUNURI's Boston show! (Because ohbytheway that's my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!)

Overwhelming, general love and thanks to you all.


Nothing is sacred -- not the simplicity of a Hallmark card or the complexity of someone's Lucky Shirt for his Favorite Team -- when two scholars are allowed to ponder without careful supervision.

This was intended to be an interview about a specific case, but we quickly realized there were several extra words we needed to get out of the way first. We'll be back with that actual, originally intended, case soon.


Enjoy a promo from my friends Quinn and Ember at Fiercely Altered Perspective, and, possibly even more exciting, I have new music from!! My favorite track is called "Nostalgia," off their brand-new album, Elephant Shaped Trees. They'll be performing in Boston on May 27... will I see you there??



I've been meaning to ask my mom for a long time, why does she keep finding jobs that would depress the sheer hell out of me, or send me over the ever-shaky edge into homicidality: political activism, at-risk youth, geriatrics, now hospice??

And what better time to ask than when she's out visiting and my microphone has this fabulous little "ON" button?



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I really, really didn't think I would ever get this episode out to you all. Like, really. 

First of all, it's the result of a crossover with Billy & Erica, from Martinis and the Macabre, and I was so freaking fangirl-y the whole time that I wasn't sure I'd say a thing that made sense.

Then, there's the fact that I'm still crap at the whole sound editing thing, so this is the best I could do.

THEN, while I was in the process of trying to edit it in time to coincide with their release, my brain decided to explode. No, like, literally, I started feeling really, really unwell, so I made it up two flights of stairs just in time to let my husband know that I was feeling Really Gross, and I dropped with a grand mal seizure. 


So I can't re-narrate any of my stuff, because I bit my tongue bad enough that, five days later, I still don't have SSSS-sounds. Or a bunch of others. 

So. Please, please enjoy this. Please think it's interesting. Because I like it, well enough to hit publish.

And, for more of the conversation you hear here, check out Martinis & the Macabre: Episode 36 -- Richard Chasin' Walkin' Tacos.

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