Most of the time, we can rely on the people around us -- family, friends, coworkers -- to help remind us what "normal" mostly looks like. But what about the times when we're allowed to believe our own hype? ...especially when our hype is more than a little off-kilter from the start?

Check out the Voice of the Victim podcast for the first two parts of this story, when we lay out a more detailed timeline and narrative of the life and crimes of Sheila LaBarre, a particularly dangerous and unkind specimen of humanity. Then listen here to decide, exactly how do we know when normal has gone too far? And if Kenny Countie's mother hadn't intervened as firmly as she did, just how many other victims might she have claimed?


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I'm heading out on a family vacation, but first, a few things... 


What can you do when a faraway friend is struggling? What about when your kid defines Jesus for you? How about when you're not 100% certain that your loved ones actually know they're loved?


Settle in for another meandering conversation -- but maybe not so meandering after all -- with published author and podcaster extraordinaire, Jesse Pollack.


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Sometimes the most structured and predictable situations can suddenly go unpredictably off-script, in the very best ways.

Laura and I started off this episode by following a literal script about Frederick Baer, who committed a truly horrible pair of murders while coming off a meth binge, and we ended up immersed in a very real conversation about what that could possibly have to do with a mother and grandmother facing theft charges. It went deep, in a beautiful way.

Thanks again to Laura for her openness and courage.


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Is it really that important to acknowledge the humanity of those who break the law, as well as those who are broken?


Yes. Yes, it is.


Listen in while Laura, from the Behind the Crime blog, and I try to convince you.


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Podcasters are an interesting bunch, especially those in the true crime world. I think we're often seen as cynical, sarcastic, potentially intrusive, thick-skinned, addicted to tragedy porn... but the truth is, we're a creative, vulnerable, diverse, mostly well-intentioned group of people who feel just as driven to create as a painter or a sculptor. 


It's easy for me to say, but it can be even easier to believe if you hear it from more than one person, so here you go: Justin from the Obscura true crime podcast agreed to chat with me about the process behind pressing that little "publish" button. I hope you find it as interesting and enlightening and hopeful as I did.


And never fear: we also discuss serial killers and mass shooters and generally dark subjects, as well, so you get both the darkness... and the hope. 


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Every once in a while, if you're very lucky, you'll form a friendship with someone who is smart and self-aware and vulnerable.

And if you're not that lucky, you can at least listen in on a really fabulous conversation that unfolded between me and Kim (of People Are Wild fame). She talks about the process of realizing you might be an alcoholic, even if you don't drink every day, even if you're young, even if you don't think you are.

It's pretty amazing, and I'm so grateful that she was willing to talk about it all in front of a microphone.


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Who gets to decide when you have a problem? Sometimes you know, and sometimes you're clueless. Sometimes you're aware, and sometimes you're in denial.


Especially when substances, even legal and aboveboard alcohol, are involved.


For this episode, I'm joined, once again, by Kim from People Are Wild, and if you haven't listened to her podcast yet, you're about to spend some time wondering why. I'm also joined by my son, who is not a 22-year-old binge drinker. Yet.


Tune in VERY soon for the rest of my conversation with Kim, just one episode away.


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What does it mean to waste something? You have to value it first, then discard it, I think. But who decides, and how?


This becomes less cerebral and more horrific when the topic isn't a safe, high-level cerebral exercise, but instead a truly horrific and upsetting case of child abuse. We don't go into a ton of detail here, but it's enough for you to get the picture. Concepts like waste and value aren't just for the classroom.


Thanks again to Mo from Targeted: True Crime Domestic Violence for chatting with me, and please go binge her show right now if you haven't already.


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My dear friend and role model, Sharna, came on the show to show us how it should be done.

Results include musings on credentials, clarifications on the differences between psychiatry and psychology, and commiseration on the misunderstandings re: therapy and assessment.

And, through all, irreverence and recognition of the necessity of efficiency.


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