**********NOTE: This is Exhibit 1 in the case for Kate Has Amazing Friends. I'm awaiting oral surgery and can't speak clearly, so podcasters around th...View Details

Welcome to April!!Go listen to everything Kim has ever published. Twice. Srsly. People Are Wild!!Also, here's everyone else taking part in Operation S...View Details

Sonya and Noel, from The Evidence Locker, joined me to talk about one of New Zealand's claims to true crime fame. I fangirled. I fangirled hard.Discla...View Details

How important is it to forge new connections with people, across miles, across pixels?A lot. A lot important.Check out Heather's podcast at Sunshine a...View Details

Sometimes you know where a conversation is about to go. And sometimes... not so much. From hometown living to politics and back again, this is just Je...View Details

How do you know when normal actually isn't all that normal? And how do you bounce back?Disclaimer: AdriennePromos: Sunshine and Power Cuts and Souther...View Details

After a very intense and heavy episode #116, what better way to lighten the mood than with a comic book??Mary Rhoads (@mgrhoads on Instagram)...https:...View Details

This ran as a Facebook Live video on 17 March 2019, so if you saw that, you've heard this.If not, this is why March is so hard for me. Big bad hard.Di...View Details

Artists -- including podcasters -- are a special breed. Creative, unusual... and sometimes homicidal. Morgan (The Frankenpod) joined me to talk throug...View Details

Ben and Kyle (Western Standard Time) join me to talk sports, negotiation, arbitration, podcasting, true crime, Netflix, esports... and it all actually...View Details

There are few things harder than losing a loved one... especially when you lose their personality and memories before you lose their physical presence...View Details

Nate, from Selling Out, is one of the smartest, most well-spoken guys I know... which is a good thing, because he has a hell of a story to tell, from ...View Details

Lately, I've talked a lot about stalking. This episode is no exception.Dani, from Incongruity Media (yeah, that one) joined me to share her personal s...View Details

Do you believe in ghosts, and psychic abilities, and the paranormal? ...do I??Melissa, from The Haunted Ride, tries to figure it out.Disclaimer: Lee M...View Details

There's a stereotype, of women being attracted to "bad boys." Cassandra and I don't even attempt to investigate whether this is a real thing; we jump ...View Details

If you experience them, you already know exactly what brainweasels are, even if you've never heard the word before.If you don't, congratulations. Alex...View Details

Sometimes you need a break from the heavy, intense stuff... even when it's good stuff, it's still a lot. So listen in while Courtney (Spoop Hour), Lin...View Details

The process of obtaining a diagnosis of mental disorder in adulthood isn't easy. Especially because you have to get there, first.Disclaimer: Nicki, St...View Details

Friendship is great and lovely and wonderful... until it's not. Courtney, from The Cult of Domesticity podcast, tells her not-happily-ever-after story...View Details

Unless you die young -- thereby creating extra grief for your loved ones -- you will experience grief. We all do. It's awful.I'm joined by my friend A...View Details

It's a podcast in which I podcast about podcasting... with from Allyson from Dumb and Busted.Shoutouts to Karla (Go Postal) and Tara and Barney (Blood...View Details

Sometimes you already enjoy someone's personality, and then suddenly you realize they're a complete badass. This time, I thought Danielle (Hoosier Hom...View Details

Sometimes it takes a while to get to know someone, to get comfortable enough to talk about difficult topics or open up about personal history.Other ti...View Details

100th episode. 200,000+ downloads. One-year podversary.Holy crap, I'm celebrating a lot.I did an Ask Me Anything on Facebook live video last week, whi...View Details

Mike Fallek returns, but this time with minimal pet history. Instead, we talk about the relative prevalence of sex and violence in Western society, an...View Details

How do you cope, if you're sad or hurt or scared or angry? What about if someone is making you feel that way on purpose? Stalking is a cruel and pathe...View Details

Patrick A Bowmaster, author of “What the Little Dog Witnessed,” joined me to discuss his previous, current, and future works, on a variety of topics. ...View Details

Matt, from Wrestling With Fatherhood, and I have very different backgrounds, lifestyles and ideologies. But we do have one big thing in common… prison...View Details

Chris, from Play Comics and Meddling Kids, joined me to talk about the concepts of long-term depression and passive suicidal thoughts, and how to live...View Details

Allison Mann and Michael Brodkorb (authors of "The Girls Are Gone") return to the show, to discuss pressures to magically unwrite their book, irration...View Details

Mike Fallek talks about the history of pets, pet/human behaviors, and whether we are all underestimating the dangerousness of whales.https://www.imdb....View Details

Jennifer, from the Yes, And... podcast, joined me to discuss a controversial form of treatment for some mental struggles: psychedelic therapy.  Discla...View Details

Hey, look! Another serial killer nurse! My favorite... or, not, but they just keep insisting on appearing here. This time, my friend Laura joined me t...View Details

What’s lighter than suicide? Well, damn near everything, of course… especially child sociopathy and ways to know whether a kid is likely to turn into ...View Details

Suicide is a dark, scary, hurt, broken place to be. Listen in to stories of survival, heartbreak, and courage. Lots. Too many. Because it is scary com...View Details

Nobody wants a serious and persistent mental illness. Seriously, nobody. But if forced to choose, there are reasonably acceptable ones, and then there...View Details

”Wrongful conviction” is one of the scariest phrases in the English languages. Don’t believe me? Listen in while Sinead, from the Mens Rea podcast, an...View Details

The patriarchy is a thing, but not always a bad thing. Unless you’re talking about the patriarchy in a small college town in the middle of nowhere, a ...View Details

Everybody has a story… and almost nobody gives their own story enough credit.Branden, from Sac ‘Em Up Sundays, shared his with me, and it’s both dark ...View Details

'Tis the season for torture and rape….Buckle in, kids, it's a wild ride. When you let me go play with one of my very favorite podcasting couples (Eric...View Details

If you were to find yourself in possession of a good microphone and a better voice, what could you do?Michael Marshall, a voice actor, has one suggest...View Details

Many true crime aficionados will tell you that that don’t play favorites. They hurt for all victims, equally, and they share the same hatred for all p...View Details

081 — Sandy Hook

On December 14, 2012, 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, USA.It was bad.This is not the story o...View Details

Lots of us indulge (or maybe wallow?) in dark humor, from time to time, because we're human and it's kinda funny and many of us are assholes. But ther...View Details

When you decide it's time to make a major change, is it running away, avoiding or escaping? ...or just self-care?Maxwell, from the Relic podcast, join...View Details

If life is all a game... who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? *Are* there good/bad guys?I still don't have an answer, but I'm joined by Phil R...View Details

Two girls go missing in the middle of the night. That's a pretty horrible sentence, all by itself... but there is a simple way to make it worse: their...View Details

Once upon a time, I was on the cutting edge of online technology. I used BBSes, before the Internet was a thing.Now? I'm too old for this shit.So I as...View Details

What did you want to be when you grew up? Or... maybe, more accurately, what DO you want to be... someday??I had a chat with author Trish Heinrich abo...View Details

I'm sure that my extra-high level of disdain directed toward killer nurses has nothing to do with my extensive medical history, with literally months ...View Details

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